Cool Things You Can Make From Recycled Gutter Parts.

Unique creations using recycled everyday materials like glass bottles and gutters. These creative ideas are just scratching the surface of what is possible when recycling and repurposing are combined with creativity, ingenuity and a greater sense of responsibility for the future and present state of the environment. 1. A paper gardener has brought new life […]

Growing vegetables indoors twenty-one at a time

Urban greenhouse-less people aren’t doomed to a life with seasonal CSAs (though they are a great thing) or wilted produce at the big grocery store down the street (a bad thing). For those who are looking to grow their own food in a small space, there are many innovations of the gardening type. Edn is […]

Ideas to Create a Modern Outdoor Living Area

It is good for your mental health to spend time outside in a peaceful and beautiful setting. You feel relaxed, energized, and at peace with the outside world. Outdoor living spaces can be great places to socialize and outdoor dining outside makes food taste better. You can make it a memorable evening by inviting your […]

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Greenhouse and Garden

Gardeners are likely to feel connected to nature and care about the environment. You can strengthen that connection by learning simple ways to plant a garden or greenhouse. Avoid chemical fertilizers Nature is complex, yet so simple. Nature is a beautiful balance act that serves a purpose. Chemical fertilizers can cause more harm than good, […]