Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden Doubles As Light Fixture

Both functional and decorative, Klorofyll is part of the trend for growing one’s own, even if it’s just a few herbs, and also reflects consumer interest in personalization-users can decide how to use the product in a way that fits their personal lifestyle. Klorofyll’s 360deg rotating cylindrical has six openings for planters and two LED […]

Magnetic “Connect a pot” and self-watering modular planters

A new modular self-watering pot system is available for those who have moved to smaller homes and are looking to grow plants, herbs, and flowers indoors in small spaces. Connect a pot fits in well with urban living where those who have limited space often need to spend less time caring for their plants. These […]

This modern aquaponics furniture design mimics the natural environment

EVA, an aquaponic light fixture and planter system that mimics the natural environment, is designed to be modern indoor furniture. Francois Hurtaud, a Hong Kong designer, designed the planter to be sturdy enough for restaurant use. However, it is easy to assemble with just a pair of hands. Aquaponics: Hydroponics + Aqualculture Aquaponics is similar […]

The Quad Bar: Flexible Furniture for Small Spaces Entertaining

The Quad Micro Bar  is a stylish and small-space solution for those who enjoy entertaining but don’t have the space to host large parties. The unit can be folded in and out to fit your needs, from a standing bar table to a party-of-4. In small spaces, it can be hard to accommodate more than […]

Ways To Give Your Outdoor Space a Makeover

Many people are realizing the benefits of spending more time outside after long periods of living in shelter and working at home. Urban dwellers are increasingly heading to parks and open green space, with those who have a small patio or deck spending more time outdoors. This is the best time to make your outdoor […]

5 Tips For Choosing Garden Furniture

A great way to transform your garden is to introduce new furniture. You can transform your outdoor living area with a piece of furniture that is both big and small. It can be fun to reorganize your garden and express your creativity. There are many options available, whether you want to create a relaxing oasis […]

How to draw natural wildlife into your backyard oasis

Is there a garden you love in your yard? Do you have beautiful birds, butterflies and other wildlife that make your garden spaces unique? It is important to include things that attract beneficial insects and wildlife in your garden to create a paradise. Sometimes, just planting flowers and trees is not enough. It is important […]