Fresh Ideas: What’s been Growing, Glowing and Sowing?

It’s possible that you have missed some of the amazing things. We have gathered the best urban gardens ideas we could find and shared them with you. Here are some of the things that have been growing, glowing and sowing from us: 1. Grow and glow: A Hydroponic Planter doubles as a Fashionable Light Fixture […]

Three Orchids That You Can Grow in Your Garden

Beautiful. Ephemeral. Elusive. Fickle. Tantalizing. These are the words I associate with orchids. Orchids are long considered the best example of plant life and have been adored and respected for a long time. Did you know that there are three kinds of orchids? The epiphytes, which are the most well-known, only represent a fraction of […]

Plantus Please: Modular Indoor Vertical Gardens

Living Curtains and Planted Walls These indoor modular vertical gardens can be used for two purposes. They allow you to grow food indoors and also provide privacy screens or space dividers that gardeners can use to create living curtains and planted walls. Modular Design The modular design is handcrafted in Budapest. It’s great for small […]

Simple Ways to Redesign Your Garden

Sometimes it’s good for life to have a variety of things. There’s nothing better than a garden makeover. We all love a challenge. After a while, the same lawn and shrubs can look worn out. This is a great time to give your garden some love. Gardening is a great way to get out and […]

Here are four practical ideas for greening indoor spaces

If we had our way, everyone would have a beautiful backyard garden filled with our favorite plants. Many of us don’t have the space or the right climate to grow certain types of greenery. It can be difficult to garden in urban environments. Even if your apartment is a one-bedroom, you can still include greenery […]

Great Ideas for Optimizing Small Space Gardens

Let’s face it, you would love to have an outdoor living space, garden, but only have a small area of patio, balcony or porch with enough soil for plants. You need to think bigger. Small spaces can offer big opportunities. This article will show you how to create an outdoor space and garden with containers […]

The Best Gifts for Gardeners and Plant Parents

Our annual list of the top gifts for gardeners and parents is available. Everything you need to plant, harvest and enjoy your garden with our collection of heritage tools and collectible gardening accessories. We also have experiences that inspire and teach. Kitchen Windowsill Herb Garden You can grow organic herbs right from your kitchen windowill. […]