Growing vegetables indoors twenty-one at a time

Urban greenhouse-less people aren’t doomed to a life with seasonal CSAs (though they are a great thing) or wilted produce at the big grocery store down the street (a bad thing). For those who are looking to grow their own food in a small space, there are many innovations of the gardening type.

Edn is a plug-and-play vertical garden system.

Tiers of Garden Joy

Edn is a vertical gardening system that can grow up to 21 vegetables per hour in your home.

This is a 3-tiered shelving unit you can hang on your wall and plug in. You can fill it with your choice seed pods. There are 21 slots to hold vegetables and herbs.

Tech-Savvy Cultivation Coach
This is where Edn gets even more simple: Edn comes with an application that acts as your personal garden assistant and teacher. Your app will record the plants you have chosen and will also tell you when you need to fill up your water tank. It also provides information about indoor gardening, such as when to harvest plants and how to identify when they have reached germination.

The Icing on the Kale
The rest of the process can be automated. This includes learning how to fill the water tank and replace nutrients as needed. This means that you don’t have to be as creative as possible to make it all go wrong. Even with minimal effort, Edn will allow you to successfully grow herbs and vegetables. You will learn so much along the way that it is the cherry on top of the kale.

Growing Some Curves
There are many tools available to automate the gardening process. However, this one has cultivated curves. Stefania Minnella, a Milan designer, created Elica Idroponica, a vertical self-sustaining hydroponics system that automates many tasks such as irrigation, lighting, and the application of nutrients. It’s also beautiful, just like so many Italians and Italian-designed items. Find out how the indoor garden can make your life easier.