This modern aquaponics furniture design mimics the natural environment

EVA, an aquaponic light fixture and planter system that mimics the natural environment, is designed to be modern indoor furniture. Francois Hurtaud, a Hong Kong designer, designed the planter to be sturdy enough for restaurant use. However, it is easy to assemble with just a pair of hands.

Aquaponics: Hydroponics + Aqualculture

Aquaponics is similar to hydroponics which uses a soilless method to plant plants and gives them a nutrient solution in the water. It’s a system that mimics the natural symbiotic environment found in nature.

Self-Sustaining Systems

The fish consume water and produce waste which is then used to fertilize the plants. The tank then recycles the water back into it, and the cycle continues.

EVA was awarded the European Product Design Award. It consists of an upper garden and a lower garden, which are both situated atop a 32L (8.5 gal) fish tank.

The LED light that is emitted from its core provides illumination for both the garden and fish tank.

The soft light switch on and off at dawn and dusk further simulates a natural environment. EVA’s frosted finish and extruded features optimize light diffusion.

Larger Yields, Less Energy

Aquaponics, which uses less water and energy than traditional farming, is becoming more popular among urban farmers. It can produce more crops per square feet than traditional farming. Aquaponics is a way to increase food yield and grow commercially on a larger scale. It simultaneously harvests fish for protein and fresh plant produce.

Aquaponics is good for the environment. Aquaponics is very friendly to the environment as it doesn’t require any pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. It also produces no toxic wastes or run-offs of chemicals.