Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden Doubles As Light Fixture

Both functional and decorative, Klorofyll is part of the trend for growing one’s own, even if it’s just a few herbs, and also reflects consumer interest in personalization-users can decide how to use the product in a way that fits their personal lifestyle.

Klorofyll’s 360deg rotating cylindrical has six openings for planters and two LED light rings that provide illumination. The suspension cable contains the electrical wiring and other technical components.

It can be used as a pendant light and provides lighting for the kitchen. The cylinder rotates on its axis by gently spinning to reveal a new herb pot. Klorofyll can replicate photosynthesis if the ambient light is not sufficient for plant growth.

As it walks out of the kitchen, the multi-functional Klorofyll takes a new pose. A vertical garden is created when multiple modules are arranged on a wall. There are many design options. Hang a series of modules vertically from a ceiling to create a living screen or room partition.

The containers can be planted with soil but the designers recommend a soilless medium. The planters are equipped with fine mesh screens that prevent soil from falling out of the containers when they are inverted. I can’t see how the fine mesh keeps the soil from escaping, but it allows the plants to grow. The high water retention of the mesh was achieved by using sphagnum Moss, which is used to keep the plants hydrated and holds them in place while they are upside down.