Here are four practical ideas for greening indoor spaces

If we had our way, everyone would have a beautiful backyard garden filled with our favorite plants. Many of us don’t have the space or the right climate to grow certain types of greenery.

It can be difficult to garden in urban environments. Even if your apartment is a one-bedroom, you can still include greenery in your home. It’s not only great for your décor, but it’s also good for your soul.

These are four ways to create green spaces in any indoor space.

1. Plants to Choose from
It is important to understand your growing conditions in order to maintain healthy green spaces. Are your southern-facing windows able to receive full-time, bright sunlight? Are your apartment’s garden-level levels dark? Is your home dry and drafty because it has too much ventilation? Is your kitten a rascal?

An array of low-maintenance houseplants is a good choice for beginners or those who just want a green space that can be left alone for days, weeks, or even months. You can start by tucking up a pothos plant on your shelf, allowing the vines to trail down, or packing aloe and jade plants onto your windowsill. It is important to research your growing environment and choose plants that will suit it.

2. Arrange plants in layers
You can anchor your space by placing a few potted trees on the floor, such as yuccas or ponytail palms. Monstera deliciosa, fruit trees and fruit trees are good options. A variety of medium-sized plants can be added to these impressive plants. A spider plant can be placed on a stand or a snake on an old end table. You can finish the display by hanging a few planters from the ceiling. Fill them with trailing greens such as string of pearls or artillery.

3. Optimize Lighting
While natural lighting is wonderful, what about indoor lighting? Consider how you could enjoy your little piece of green heaven even if there is no proper lighting. With attractive fixtures to match the space, you’ll want to bring some light into your leafy paradise.

While a well-placed table or floor lamp is a great start, hanging LED pendant lights are a better choice. Modern light fixtures will give your plants a beautiful, focused glow. There are many options for LED lighting so you will be able to find the right bulb for your plants. You’ll also appreciate the task lighting for watering or checking on the health of your plants.

4. Go Vertical!
Sometimes you only have one wall to work with, but that’s fine too. There are many creative ways to create an indoor vertical garden, as we have shared in previous posts. A series of symmetrical shelves placed at the top of the space can create a sense of loftiness. You can either line the shelves with the same plants or put different plants on them. Turn some of your unwanted possessions into wall planters, rather than throwing them away. Old bicycle wheels can be used as wall planters to create a whimsical, vertical garden.

To take your vertical thinking to the next level, think outside of the box. Your imagination and elbow grease are your only limitations. You can create visual delights by using a variety of textures, colors, and sizes. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of watching your garden flourish year round, no matter how bad the weather.