The Best Gifts for Gardeners and Plant Parents

Our annual list of the top gifts for gardeners and parents is available. Everything you need to plant, harvest and enjoy your garden with our collection of heritage tools and collectible gardening accessories. We also have experiences that inspire and teach.

Kitchen Windowsill Herb Garden

You can grow organic herbs right from your kitchen windowill. This kit is easy to use and includes everything you need for basil, cilantro, oregano. Parsley, thyme, and oregano.

Heirloom Hori Hori Tool
This heirloom-quality combination of a trowel, knife and saw is perfect for cutting roots, digging out weeds, or even dividing and potting plants. The handle is made from bamboo and the pommel can be used to pound stakes. It also has a nylon holster that will keep your hands free.

Gift box with edible and herb flower seeds
A set of seeds and markers with zinc names for the kitchen gardener. The Herbs Set contains Hera Dill and Winter Thyme and Genovese Basil. The Edible Flowers Set includes Calendula and Marigold as well as Bachelor’s Button and Viola.

Set of Vegetable Garden Glass Ornaments

Planter with flip-up sides
Yes, that’s right. I flipped this one. This playful planter’s outer body acts as a water reservoir, providing moisture for the plant for upto a month. It also regulates how much water is fed to the roots.

Wooden Dibber and Leather Loop
Multifunctional tool that can be used to sow seeds and plant bulbs. Handcrafted from hardwood, the stainless steel tip is engraved with depth measurements and an ergonomic T-shape to provide comfort. The attached lanyard can be used for hanging.

Izzy Self-Watering Glass Planter
This unique self-watering planter features a ceramic vessel with a round shape that sits on top of a glass watering bowl. You can choose from clear or green glass.

Self-Watering Seedling Starter
Start your vegetable garden from seeds. Place the self-watering starter seedling starter in your kitchen window. You only need to replenish the reservoir once per week because the porous terracotta absorbs water from it. They will grow into mature starter plants that are ready to be transplanted and grown. Made in California by Anne Fletcher. (Seeds not included.

Set of Handmade Floral Spoons
Four hand-crafted brass dessert spoons with botanical designs made from pressed brass. Food safe. Hand wash.

Farmstand Indoor Vertical Vegetable Garden
Smart personal farm to grow your own food. The Farmstand vertical vegetable gardening system is self-watering and self-fertilizing. It comes with a water pump, grow cups and plant food for 130+ plants. There’s also a timer and a pH test kit. You can choose from many non-GMO seedlings. These include leafy greens such as kale, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplant. For information on maintenance, tips and recipes, refer to the seasonal guide. You can place the planter outdoors with at least six hours of direct sun, or indoors using the optional Glow Rings.