The Quad Bar: Flexible Furniture for Small Spaces Entertaining

The Quad Micro Bar  is a stylish and small-space solution for those who enjoy entertaining but don’t have the space to host large parties. The unit can be folded in and out to fit your needs, from a standing bar table to a party-of-4.

In small spaces, it can be hard to accommodate more than one person, or maybe your cat. A large table can occupy the entire space. Quad Micro Bar (QMB), is a fantastic option. You can place it in a corner with a vase of flowers and let it stretch out when guests arrive.

The QMB is a champion of flexibility and can hold two to four people. It doesn’t matter what shape it takes on any given day or night. It is a beautiful piece furniture.

It would be great indoors and outdoors, or both, if you’re up for it. It weighs in at 52 lbs. It is also UV-safe and sealed with conversion varnish. QMB is also strong and can support 250lb friends just as well as your children.

Plywood used in the plywood is made from timber harvested in Oregon and Washington. Final assembly and finishing are performed in the Northwest. This beautiful piece is 100% American.

Are you still trying to figure out where yours should be placed? I’m thinking of placing mine in the corner of a terrace with a creative light fixture above. Then, I will entertain. It will then bloom in full bloom, ready to host great conversation and fresh cocktails.