Fresh Ideas: What’s been Growing, Glowing and Sowing?

It’s possible that you have missed some of the amazing things. We have gathered the best urban gardens ideas we could find and shared them with you.

Here are some of the things that have been growing, glowing and sowing from us:

1. Grow and glow: A Hydroponic Planter doubles as a Fashionable Light Fixture

This is an example where size doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how big your home is. Spice-Versa hangs from the ceiling and grows herbs upside down. It can also be used as a lamp and a hydroponic planter. Learn how to pluck your own herbs using this elegant light.

2. Mushrooms Grow with the Glow: Mushroom-Lume Compostable Lamp Shade

There’s a creative fungus in all of us. An indoor hydroponic vertical gardening system. This compostable lamp shade is made from mushrooms-not manufactured but rather grown using a bioplastic that can be recycled at home.

3. Rendezvous in Green: Botanical Tiled Vertical Garden

This vertical garden space is a botanical tiled one. Unique vertical garden structure made up of many individual planters. You can make your own. Perhaps add a mattress to take afternoon naps. Learn more about the process of making it here.

4. Paris Pharmacy: Medicinal Plants Climb Walls

Capsules and tinctures appear to float on living walls made of medicinal plants. All of this is reflected in fluorescent lighting.

5. LandEscaping: A Rooftop Garden Oasis

It is difficult to ignore the serenade that city provides, and how it can impact our stress levels. It can be difficult to breathe when there are so many people and noises. These rooftop gardens will show you that it is possible to escape the chaos and noise of the city without ever leaving your home.