Great Ideas for Optimizing Small Space Gardens

Let’s face it, you would love to have an outdoor living space, garden, but only have a small area of patio, balcony or porch with enough soil for plants. You need to think bigger. Small spaces can offer big opportunities.

This article will show you how to create an outdoor space and garden with containers and multipurpose items to maximize your footprint.
You can plant a container garden

Container gardening can optimize your space. Container gardening is a great way to save space. It also helps you manage pests and soil issues. Also, containers are easier to access because they are higher. You can easily access your herbs and vegetables for culinary purposes by placing the containers near the kitchen.

Self-watering planters are a good option
So no spigot. Although it is difficult to attach a hose to a self-watering poter, you can choose a model with a reservoir which you fill with water from a can. You can go for weeks without watering some self-watering plantsers.

Crescent Garden TruDrip System.
The best ones have an easy to read water level indicator, so you don’t have to guess when your plant needs watering. The reservoir automatically irrigates plant roots when they are in need of it. This reduces the chance of overwatering. These reservoirs are great for novice or forgetful gardeners, and when you can’t be there to water. They are also more environmentally friendly because they use less water and produce less fertilizer runoff.

Choose Lightweight Containers
Renters will appreciate the lightweight, easy-to-move planters. They are also easy to move when you move.

Use rolling plant cadadies
To catch the sun, place a rolling planter caddy underneath your containers. You can also move them around easily if necessary.

You can make use of a patio or balcony railing
Use your balcony or patio railings. If you don’t have enough space for a table, an over-the-railing table can be installed that folds down when it isn’t in use. You can add visual interest to your balcony by installing planters that slide over the railing, without brackets or screws.

Vertical Growth
To grow a vertical garden, make use of walls, railings and fences that are available to you. Vertical gardens can transform an otherwise boring wall into a living painting.

For shallow-rooted annuals, wall-mounted flexible felt textiles or rigid recycled plastic pockets planters are ideal. They can grow in 6-8 inch deep containers. DIYers will find a lot of inspiration online for upcycling wooden pallets for wall planters.

Climbing plants are great for small gardens because they require very little space. You can place a container near a wall-mounted tree or insert a support directly in the poter. Even in small spaces, it is possible to grow climbing flowering plants such as clematis or ornamental sweet potato vines.

A ladder garden or lean to are simple freestanding options. Place pots on the steps and lean against a flat surface. It’s easy.

Hang Planters
Hang planters from hooks that you place on your balcony, porch ceiling, or wall. They can be filled with dripping plants and provide privacy for neighbors. If you are growing small varieties, such as cherries, from bags or upside-down pots, there is no need to stake them. You should ensure they are in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours.

Tall Planters Give You Height
Visual chaos can make a space appear smaller and more crowded by having too many small planters. To create the illusion of more space, consider tall containers. To create visual order and cohesiveness, group pots with the same design in complementary shapes.