Magnetic “Connect a pot” and self-watering modular planters

A new modular self-watering pot system is available for those who have moved to smaller homes and are looking to grow plants, herbs, and flowers indoors in small spaces.

Connect a pot fits in well with urban living where those who have limited space often need to spend less time caring for their plants.

These small triangular pots are connected to one another by strong earth magnets. This allows them to be attached to a refrigerator, wall or even your shower.

You can create “skyplanters” by hanging pots from the ceiling using a chain.

You can attach pots to windows by placing one of these magnets on the opposite side of the glass.

Connect a Pot does not work in hydroponics. It requires soil and water. The pots have a perlite layer that is placed between the soil layers and the water. This doubles as plant growth media, insulation and a microfilter to remove any unwanted particles.

According to the designers, it is sufficient to water plants every 1-3 weeks depending on their type.