Ways To Give Your Outdoor Space a Makeover

Many people are realizing the benefits of spending more time outside after long periods of living in shelter and working at home. Urban dwellers are increasingly heading to parks and open green space, with those who have a small patio or deck spending more time outdoors.
This is the best time to make your outdoor space more private or socially isolated.

1. Make it Clean
Let’s begin at the beginning. Are you surrounded by a lot of leaves, weeds and tree branches that need to be removed? Even if it was late in the winter, you can toss any that you don’t use or cannot recycle into something else. Take a step back, prune, and weed. Do you like it as is? Or do you feel it needs some TLC? Consider the following suggestions if you agree.

2. Try something new: A Vertical Garden or Veggie Patch?
Now you have cleared out all the garden debris. You can now create a plan for growing plants in your garden, in either the ground or in containers. A raised vegetable garden is a great way to get healthy food on the table, and reduce your grocery shopping time. You can add color to your garden by planting a variety flowers. Also, you can mix and match pots with different shapes and sizes. You can create a vertical garden by attaching pots to a wall or fence to free up space.

3. Make Outdoor Living Spaces Different: Create a Deck
Think of your outdoor space much like your indoor space. There are many ways to make your outdoor space work for you. You can designate specific areas for lounging or dining, entertaining, and even a place for children. Even a small deck can add value to your home and provide additional living space. Decking is elevated off the ground to keep bugs away. Composite decking is an eco-friendly option for your garden. It’s made of plastic and wood, often recycled materials. This type of decking is also available in a range of colors so it can be incorporated into your garden’s color scheme.

4. Give it a try!
Another way to bring items back to life in an old garden is to paint them. You can paint a section of your garden fence, or refinish old garden furniture with a coat. You can recycle items by applying a little paint to make them decorative.

5. Pergola, Gazebo or Cabana-What is the difference?
Although they all look the same, pergolas, cabanas and gazebos are different types of garden structures. They differ in how they are constructed, placed and how much shade they provide.

  • * Pergolas
    A pergola can be open from all sides and is made with vertical posts or columns that support cross beams or a slatted roof of open lattice. Pergolas may provide some shade depending on how big the beams are and where they are placed, but it will not completely protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. You can build a pergola on your garden decking boards and you won’t have to worry about bugs below. However, it is advisable to use bug repellents such as citronella candles or plants that naturally repel insects. A pergola can be used as an architectural element and can create an outdoor space that is a focal point.
  • * Gazebos
    A pergola lets sunlight through the slatted roof but a gazebo gives you full sun coverage. The classic gazebo is an open-sided, freestanding structure with a roof and floor. Modern structures can be square, rectangular or round. Some gazebos have partial side walls that can be screen in.
  • * Cabanas
    A cabana, which offers shade, is a tent-like structure that looks like a pergola. It has three lightweight walls and one open side. This often faces a pool. Most cabanas are made of exterior-grade fabric curtains, drapes, or shades that block the sun. Some cabanas also have thatched roofs.

6. Incorporate a water feature
The soothing sounds of water flowing is more than just pleasing to the eye. Even a small pool can provide entertainment and cool off. However, a fountain is a great design feature. The light that reflects off the water pool at night can create a beautiful illumination.

7. Make an outdoor kitchen
An outdoor or garden kitchen can be used to entertain al fresco. An outdoor kitchen is great for entertaining. It can be as simple a charcoal or gas grill, with some work surfaces around it, or more complicated that looks like an indoor kitchen with a sink and fridge.